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Felix Nehrke

I write about software development and software architecture.


Problems with Lombok

Almost every Java developer knows Project Lombok. It is one of the most widely used libraries and keeps popping up somewhere. The advantages are obvious and are shown very clearly on the project page. Even so, not everything Lombok does is good and there are some pitfalls using it. I want to dwell a little here on the issues I see in using Lombok. I am not concerned with avoidance, but rather with awareness of weaknesses and pitfalls.

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Organize project-directories

As a developer, I always have to deal with various projects. Many of them differ significantly from each other, others are very similar or related to each other. However, what unites them is the fact that I had organized them poorly in the past. Later I started to think about the folder structure and to organize it better. In this article I would like to explain this organization to you and describe how I got there.

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